For backers who fell into the $64 or higher tier on the Hyper Light Drifter campaign, this is a red letter day for you.

hyper light drifter3According to the most recent update, developer Heart Machine has recently announced that the accompanying manual and SNES style box have been upgraded, and will come with a 18×24 foldout world map. Even better, getting these goodies requires no extra effort on the part of the backer!

Bumping it up one step further, backers will also have the option to add a custom teal physical cartridge to their order at a discount. Fair warning: the cartridge is not functional when inserted into an actual SNES, but does a great job of rounding out the package for diehard collectors.

hyper light drifter1

This collectors edition will be available to anyone though, which can be pre-ordered at iam8bit. It’s expected to release sometime this summer.

A big kudos to Heart Machine and iam8bit for making this possible. Hyper Light Drifter promises to be the collector package that all the retrogamers will be buzzing about.

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