The Post-Apocalyptic RPG Krai Mira recently appeared on Kickstarter. This game has been in development for quite a while and it has the development logs to prove it. Krai Mira or Crimea, is heavily inspired by the Fallout series (especially the first and second games) and has been on Steam Early Access since October 2015. The developers are asking for £2000 on Kickstarter to help finish it off and expand the world.

Krai Mira Kickstarter Steam Early Access

The Kickstarter looks very good, though one thing really bugs me. In order to get the digital copy of the game you need to pledge £10, but the Early Access version is on sale for £7.99. Granted you also get some wallpapers and Beta Access but it still seems to be a sign of poor planning to me. However, you all know I view rewards simply as icing on the cake and post-apocalyptic RPGs are definitely my thing. I really like the features that they put up on display for the Kickstarter, particularly the gambling and lockpicking. Krai Mira is essentially made for fans of the first two Fallout games and it is in no way disguising that fact and I kind of like that.

Krai Mira

The Kickstarter page mentions that enemies have ragdoll physics, so they can get tossed round etc

The Krai Mira development log goes all the way back to 2013, but it is clear the actual development cycle is a lot longer (even those updates were advanced). One idea I really like is that in combat your allies take their moves simultaneously so that players needn’t wait. I love RPG’s, but that is my pet peeve (Not to mention that Knights of the Round summon time (shudder)). I think this is one for the Fallout fans, they have a demo so do check them out if this catches your fancy. Are you a Fallout fan? I wasn’t impressed by the most recent game, but people tell me the originals were great.

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