As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’ve gone through some pretty dramatic changes around here.  The most obvious change is the new theme, which is much different than what we had before; maybe even jarringly so.  However, the new look allows us to focus on what’s important: getting some crowdfunding related gaming content our readers.  My hope is that with this new theme we’ll be able to reduce the amount of navigation clutter around the site.  Stay patient though, there’s bound to be lots of little bugs and annoyances that pop up.

In addition to the theme change,  over the next few weeks you’ll also notice a few ads, some affiliate style posts, and a restructuring of our Patreon.  While I don’t mind that between staff salaries and hosting fees Cliqist has never turned a profit, that lack of income has an impact on the coverage we’re able to provide.  More videos, longer features, additional staff, a podcast, and plenty of pie-in-the-sky ideas that I write about in my dream journal cost money.  Rest assured though, we’re not going to go crazy, and will be working to make sure that the things we beg you to click on and/or buy are relevant to your interests.

I’ll be keeping this post pinned to the front page for a bit to update it with changes, fixes, and enhancements we make to the site to not only inform you, but to get your feedback on things.  Please feel free to comment below with thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.


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Greg Micek has been writing on and off about games since the late nineties, always with a focus on indie games. He started in 2000, which was one of the earliest gaming sites to focus exclusively on indie games.

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