The good people at Stuck in Attic have been teasing fans of Gibbous with a special 24-hour add-on and today is the day where you can be immortalized in cartoon form by artist Cami Cuibus. For just an extra $20 added on to your pledge you, too, can get yourself or someone you love “cartoonized” by her. The latest update gives you all of the information that you might need to know in order to put in for one, or more, image done by her. But just for today.

GibbousAs of the time of this writing, it has already been a few hours into the event but you still have plenty of time should you be so inclined to join in the fun. You have until tomorrow morning to plop down an extra twenty per submission. It’s already looking to be a relatively popular add-on as it looks like the total ticker is moving steadily up. I know I’m putting in one for myself because she does good work. Just look at the examples in the images above and see for yourself.

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