We normally don’t cover tabletop gaming here at Cliqist, but one project has caught our eye that it’s worth at least a mention. Tales from the Halfling Camp is a musical album featuring a number of fantasy tunes that can be used to supplement and add atmosphere to any roleplaying campaign. The original track, ‘Hear Ye All You Rascals’ is apparently a big hit amongst certain circles and I have to admit that it is a catchy tune that certainly evoked images of the little race

Tales From the Halfling Camp

Anyway, I’ll state it here. I’m an avid roleplayer. I have been playing tabletop games now for over a decade, going on like fifteen years or more now. I honestly lost track. I’m also one that loves to use music and sound effects to add to the mood of games that I run and something like Tales from the Halfling Camp should fit right into an ongoing Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons campaign. While I tend to run more sci-fi or horror games, this one sounds perfect for someone running fantasy.


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