When Boss Fight Books first braved the Kickstarter landscape, I was immensely intrigued. As a fan of gaming books, I was curious to see how they would turn out. The first one I read, ZZT by Anna Anthropy, knocked it out of the park. Subsequent titles from different authors may not have been as incredible but were still compelling reads in their own right.

Now the Boss Fight Books crew are back for a third time to bring Season 3 to fruition. It includes books on the following titles: Katamari Damacy, Kingdom Hearts II, Mega Man 3, Soft & Cuddly, Super Mario Bros. 3, and one fan-chosen selection. Never heard of Soft & Cuddly? Me either, because it was a ZX Spectrum title which basically leaves it as an unknown quantity for many non-European gamers. Still, it’s cool to see that niche games have the chance to be selected for publication. Thus far the company have generally focused on well known games.


Curious but not willing to pledge until you’ve actually read some of the books for yourself? Well, there are already excerpts available for each title if you scroll to the “free reads” section of the Kickstarter. However, you can also opt to purchase 10 previous Boss Fight Books titles in ebook format on StoryBundle. The whole set costs $15, but if you just want a few, you can pay as low as $5. This deal is honestly so good that I find it a bit disturbing. After all, why not just hook in a “10 ebooks for $15” as a reward tier?

Track the progress of the Boss Fight Books Season 3 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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