You say PO-TAY-TO, I say get the hell over her and look at this Kickstarter! Potato Planet, where to even begin with this Kickstarter game? Imagine a world of hostile aliens, now imagine those aliens are potatoes. Yup, you’re on the weird side of the internet, Salad Fingers is down the hall and to the left. In all seriousness, despite how weird Potato planet sounds it looks like it could be a lot of fun. The Kickstarter page really glows with the humor and enthusiasm that really gets me behind these sort of projects. It has quite a large goal of $32k, but hopefully, its wackiness can capture the imagination of some backers.


So Potato Planet is an Action Physics Puzzle game. You’ve crashed on an alien world inhabited by vicious alien potato monsters. You need to get all the pieces of your wrecked ship back together (like Olimar) by harnessing the power of potato. While the adult aliens are aggressive, the babies are ripe for the picking and you can use them in pretty much any way imaginable. Use them as ammo, mash them up to slip and slide, use them as fuel. It kinda seems like you are an ecoterrorist on this strange alien world but oh well.

Potato Planet

IDAHEAU fragrance for gamers

I certainly had a good laugh going through the rewards for this game. For just $25 you can get your own bottle of potato-themed perfume (for gamers). The developers even made a perfume add that pretty much has me in stitches just thinking about it. I’m probably biased since us Irish folk are characterized by our love of a good potato or two, but I think you should definitely check out this Kickstarter. I love it when developers make their Kickstarter pages fun to read, have you ever had a good laugh at a Kickstarter page before? Comment down below and let us know.

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