Less than a week ago, the third run of Boss Fight Books on Kickstarter came to a resounding end. The campaign raised over $36,000, unlocking multiple stretch goals such as author interviews and a free copy of Unwinnable Monthly in the process.

BossFightBooks05Boss Fight Books is a series of books written by various gaming critics on specific games. Think of them as game critique, thought piece articles, but much longer and better written. Not quite as well written as what you’d find here at Cliqist of course, but still pretty darn good.

This year’s selections of books include Katamari Damacy, Kingdom Hearts II, Mega Man 3, Soft & Cuddly, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Final Fantasy VI, which was voted for by backers. You can learn more about the campaign from Marcus’s article, or by checking out the Kickstarter for yourself.

bossfightbooks4These kinds of books are perfect for those who are really into gaming, beyond just playing them. If you’re a fan of learning about game development, or the artistic side of how a game affects people, than these are the books for you. I’ve not read any myself, but I’m super into the Metal Gear Solid one written by Anthony and Ashly Burch a few years ago. Wish they’d get some better cover art though.

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