The three developers behind Kôna, a classic survival adventure game, have delayed the game’s release yet again to Q3 2016 (roughly August/September). The game’s launch has already undergone several pushbacks—the last we covered Kôna on Cliqist the developers were “ambitiously” increasing the project in scope but plagued with “delays to prove it.” Early Access was scheduled to be launched in November 2015, but ended up being released in January/February on PC, Mac and Linux. There are plenty of gameplay videos available on YouTube featuring the early Beta, which has been received mostly positively by backers; many lauding the gameplay and narrative, although some did comment on a few bugs, crashes and unnecessarily difficult puzzles.


On Kickstarter, Quebec-based developer Parabole has listed a few reasons for the delay: improving text and narration in English (the game is to be released in several different languages including German and Russian) as well as general improvement to game performance, UI and AI. And “surprises!” However, all of that does seem rather vague, and I’m willing to bet that backers would be up in arms had an early access beta not yet been released. Parabole claims they could have shipped Kôna in May, but they’d like to integrate feedback and suggestions they’ve received from the beta as well as their showcase at PAX East into the final product. Funds from the early access release will also be used to improve the game. You can track Kôna’s progress on its Kickstarter page, and keep up to date on the game’s Twitter account.


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