Fear effect Sedna’s first gameplay video has just been released, as well as a Kickstarter update stating that the game will also be ported to Xbox One and PS4. Seeing that the original Fear Effect games were released on Playstation back in the early 2000s, it only makes sense that the game will be ported to consoles. I reached out to developer Sushee Games upon hearing this news, and they stated that the port would cost a “significant amount of money”, although since the game hasn’t been developed yet, they weren’t able to give me a concrete figure.


The new gameplay video contains a door puzzle which requires you to move green blocks into a horizontal line. Glas, one of the characters featured in the video, fails the puzzle and you get to watch him die by way of electrocution. The deathscenes from the original games are back, and in full force!

After bypassing the door Glas and Hana enter a room where they engage in a tense shootout, showcasing the slow-motion feature which will aid greatly when dealing with enemies from all angles. The slow motion is unlimited—it will be available at any time during combat—which is something I have my reservations about. I’d much rather have a slow-motion bar with a refill meter, otherwise it seems a little too easy to me. However I may change my mind once I get my hands on a beta, which is slated for release later this year—but only for backers over €60 in October 2016.


One thing I noticed during the shootout was that the camera seemed slightly too close for my liking. The camera angle and rotation will not be adjustable, according to Sushee Games, but they’ll ensure that “nothing disturbs the view on the front”. On top of that, the fixed camera will “allow [them] to create even more detailed environments].” You’ll also be able to lock onto one character at a time; Sushee adds that this feature will be implemented to suit a controller playstyle, while the other character will be controlled by AI. it definitely looks as though it will be easier to control characters with your joystick, but the point and click shooting might be better suited for keyboard and mouse.

Shootouts will be a big part of Fear Effect Sedna, but there won’t be any type of weapons skins or weapon crafting. There will however be different kinds of weapons, “though each character will probably use only one type depending on her/his personality.”

There’s also a cutscene at the end of the gameplay video, in classic Fear Effect style—black contours around the protagonists—where Glas and Hana face off against a long-haired man, and a forthcoming battle is implied. The visuals from the cutscene as well as the previous gameplay look true to the screenshots, while the overall feel is still in line with the original Fear Effect titles. Fear Effect Sedna’s campaign comes to an end in just over a week, and so far, they’ve raised roughly 70% of their $100,000 goal.

You can track Fear Effect Sedna’s progress in our Campaign Calendar.

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