It’s never fun to see a project that you’ve backed not make it, but I have to admit that my successful-to-unsuccessful ratio has gotten worse over the past few months. Of course, some of that has to do with purposefully backing projects that have no chance of making it just to get access to news via updates. That said, when I backed Ghost Theory (both times) I thought that it would make it without a problem. However, this second campaign’s progress isn’t looking good; what with $50,000 of the $71,178 goal raised so far with a little over a week to go on the clock.

GhostTheory04Unfortunately, according to the latest update if Ghost Theory doesn’t make it this time around this could mean the end for development on this specific title. Developer Dreadlocks have gone through too much money already and if they don’t get more via this Kickstarter it most likely means a shelving of this game. Perhaps indefinitely. Unless they somehow manage to snag a publisher, which, as much as I’d love to say otherwise, would be a major uphill battle for a twice unsuccessfully funded crowdfunding title. I’m no publisher but I’d see that as too much of a risk myself. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen but it also means it’s less likely than if it made it to 100% funded.

ghosttheory5So, what does that mean to those of us backing (or looking to back) Ghost Theory this time around? Well, for starters it means backers will have to double their efforts if they want to see it make it. The 48-hour reminder e-mails will help, as will the grassroots support via the “rally” on May 10, but without some major increases in pledges and new backers I don’t see this one making it. It’s a pity too, I like the idea of going ghost hunting in real world haunted places.

Ghost Theory

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