I hate it when I back a project and it becomes a real nail biter right down to the end. It’s stressful for a backer, but I can only imagine how it’s like as a project creator. However, when I finally see it reach the 100% funded mark it’s a relief. In the case of Ghost Theory this was indeed right down to the wire and as of now it managed to squeeze by with a couple days left to go. Thanks in no small part to existing and new backers.

Ghost TheoryUp until a couple days ago I would have written Ghost Theory off as yet another failed campaign on my list. It had stalled at around the halfway mark for so long I figured it was doomed to failure. Which is something that I never want to think about any project that I back. Until the latest update giving us the good news that we will be able to see it after all, that is. And with the Thunderclap having already gone off and the 48 hour reminders going out it can only go up from here. Hopefully we’ll see a stretch goal or two make it but at least it’s funded now.

Ghost TheoryOf course, all of this is possible due in no small part to the grassroots rally that ran on May 10. According to the update literally hundreds of existing backers raised their pledges by £10 or more, myself included. I’m quite certain that the perks for being a “patron” helped a lot, too. When I went to join the rally Ghost Theory was already at 98% funded or thereabouts. In any event, no matter how it happened the fact of the matter is that we’ll still get to see the game. Once again it’s down to the fans believing in something that they care about.

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