It’s been a while since we last heard from Rapscallion Games regarding development of their Lovecraftian “adventure visual novel” The Miskatonic. However, we have just been graced with another update showcasing some new artwork and discussion regarding some delays. It sounds like alpha and beta builds are being pushed back mostly due to the engine not being quite ready, but it might not be that much of a delay to those of us who put in for early access.

The MiskatonicAccording to the update, the person building the engine had become ill for the better part of a year which means that work on the backend had stalled considerably. At the same time, though, assets were still being worked on by others. As soon as the code is ready to start accepting said art and whatnot the rest should come along hopefully pretty quickly. In the meantime, we just have to wait. Which is something that I’ve gotten to be quite accustomed to throughout the years.

The MiskatonicNow, I bet you’re wondering what they have planned to make up for these delays. Perhaps you’re not and are just really patient. Either way, they do plan on doing something for those of us at the alpha and/or beta tiers. What it is they haven’t decided but I do applaud them for making an effort towards compensation for said wait. I didn’t ask for anything but I will admit that I’ll take it.

The MiskatonicWith all that said, it might sound like the release of The Miskatonic might be years off but they’re working hard and still trying to make it by the end of this year. And, honestly, I’m willing to wait a bit longer to get a fully polished horror game into my eldritch hands.

The Miskatonic

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