Darewise Entertainment has recruited game industry vets who have worked on AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed and Age of Conan to create ROKH, an MMO survival game set on Mars. Darewise Entertainment launched ROKH’s Kickstarter campaign only a few days ago, and so far they’ve received roughly 10% of the €100,000 they’re asking for. Early Access is slated for September 2016 on Steam for PC.


ROKH draws many parallels to ARK and Rust, two fantastically successful MMO survival games out in the market today—the constant necessity of food, water, shelter etc. But there are obvious differences aside from the fact that ROKH is set in outer space. You can craft tools, weapons, robots, gadgets, devices and other tech to create a strong shelter where you can chill and kick back; but take the time to put up defense systems to prevent fellow players from breaking in. That’s right, players can “hack into” your Martian base and leave you empty handed.rokh2

Aside from weaponry and heavy defense systems, the Kickstarter page also has some info on in-depth crafting and base systems such as pipe combinations and complex electric circuits—some items can even be “socketed in your walls to give extra capabilities to your base.” The list goes on, and I’ll spare you the lengthy details, but you can tell that ROKH’s intricate crafting mechanics are the real deal. I’d still like to see some more info on combat though, if there is any. There is concept art in the trailer of some neat-looking weapons and they’ve also mentioned weapon crafting, so I’d like to see some more info on combat—which I’m presuming will be sci-fi FPS style (Halo-esque, perhaps?).

You can track the progress of the ROKH Kickstarter in our campaign calendar.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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