One of the things that I love talking about in my articles is not just a specific game itself but also the people behind these interesting titles. It’s quite possible that few people outside of the adventure game community would have heard of the name Raleigh Holmes, but she has started to make a name for herself in a number of crowdfunded games. Including titles like Cognition and Moebius, both funded through Kickstarter. And to support her career myself and a friend recently just launched the official fan site for her, Raleigh Fanbase.

Raleigh FanbaseThe site is still a work in progress, but with the blessing of Raleigh herself we have been slowly working on it so that it pretty much becomes the definitive site for all things related to her work. In addition to being a talented voice actress (she voiced Erica Reed in Cognition) and singer (she sang the theme songs to both Cognition and Moebius) she’s also an artist and movie actress. Of course, you’re probably most interested in her game work if you’re reading this.

Raleigh FanbaseIn addition to the Web site itself, Raleigh Fanbase also is host to forums where you can discuss her, her work, and her family (Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes). We’re working on trying to get as much news and other exciting posts up as possible, so if you’re a fan of her work, the games she’s been a part of, or the band The Scarlet Furies you should check the site out. Who knows? Maybe she’ll appear in a future game that you’ll like.

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