Blackwake– the multi-player cooperative pirate game that lets you really feel like part of a crew rather than a commander of AI- has opened up alpha testing. The navel battle shooter launched its campaign back in August last year.blackwake

With the developers estimating to release the game this August, progress on Blackwake looks like it’s going well. However from the comments on the alpha’s announcement, it looked as though a few people were having trouble receiving codes for the alpha. Hopefully this was resolved for all of the backers.blackwake

Progress on the game is pretty exciting, and it’s really starting to look like it’s coming together. While there’s still bugs to iron out and the crew’s models are still underpolished, the gameplay seems pretty solid and there’s some cool storm effects. It still needs work, but it looks pretty fun and I ended up being a little jealous that I didn’t get the chance to get the reward granting alpha access. Weird visual effects aside, it has a lot of potential.


If you didn’t get a chance to back Blackwake, gameplay footage can be found on several gaming channels on YouTube like this one.

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