Space exploration adventure games seem to be popular these days as a few have just landed on Kickstarter recently. The latest one to go the crowdfunded route is Dome City, but it’s not just your average first person tale revolving around some abandoned place. Sure, that’s the basic plot for this latest title but it’s what lies beneath the surface that makes it quite unique. For you see, this is possibly the first adventure game to include built in support for co-op. You read that right. An adventure with a multiplayer component.

Dome CityAdventure fans have long had a tradition of having friends sit with them while playing some game or another as they worked out the puzzles together, but in the end only one person could control the lone protagonist. Which makes the fact that Dome City offers multiple playable characters that can be controlled by more than one player all the more interesting from the perspective of a longtime fan of the genre. That’s not to say that there’s no single player content, though. And according to the pitch both the single player and multiplayer “campaigns” will be separate but sharing the same locales. So if you’re a loner you can enjoy it yourself as well.

Dome CityIf there is one concern that I have about Dome City it’s the asking price. Sure, something ambitious of this scale is going to take money, but adventure games aren’t raking in the dough like they used to. Roughly $115k is a lot to ask for when games asking for half that still struggle to make funding. Still, I do hope that they make it as this is a concept that I can really get behind.

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