It’s been a busy year for Infinium Strike. The futuristic tower defense game was brought to Kickstarter back in July, 2015, and now its journey is coming to a close. With the developer’s latest Kickstarter update, the release date has been announced. Or rather, the release date announcement was announced.

Something I found a little odd was that the developers did not list the announced release date in the update, considering that was the news they led with. They did however link to the official site, probably since they included a lot more information about the game.

infinium strike

This update has the release date, but only for PC, Mac, and Linux. No word from the team about exactly when the Xbox One or newly announced PS4 versions of the game will be out. An estimate would have been nice, but the team mentions that it will release in 2016. Fans who want console versions of Infinium Strike will have to wait until the date is announced.

Maybe the next update will give us some idea when to expect Infinium Strike on consoles, until then, it’ll be available July 14th, 2016 for your computer of choice.

Megan Myrick
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Megan Myrick