A large number of gamers, well, people in general, have an overwhelming fascination with dinosaurs. Myths of the ferocious T-Rex and clunky Triceratops populate everything from children’s books to the silver screen and have also made a solid imprint in the game industry.  We saw this most recently with ARK: Survival Evolved, an MMORPG where players build shelters and weapons, and crusade against large prehistoric beasts to assert their dominance in a massive virtual vista.

Now with a very recent Kickstarter campaign entitled Saurian, not only will you be able to roam the lands as a dinosaur—as opposed to on top of one—the realism of the prehistoric era will be amplified tenfold.saurian2Saurian, developed by Urvogel Games, is an “open world dinosaur experience” aiming to deliver a precise scientific experience of what it was like to be a dinosaur way back in the day. It’s both a game and a science lesson bundled in one; the team has consulted various dino, biology, physiology experts (and more) to create a game that gamers will learn without “ever feeling like they are being educated.”

You’ll have the opportunity to play as multiple species of dinosaurs; engaging in numerous “survival challenges” while also traipsing around the vast open world and drawing upon your skills and instincts to survive. The game has already been funded in a matter of days.

You can track Saurian’s progress in our Campaign Calendar.saurian3

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