I’m no stranger to Web-based online games, but most of the time the ones that I’ve played tend to be rather limited in their gameplay functionality. Of course, that’s never stopped me from enjoying a few in the past. The newest browser game to potentially hit the market is Victus, a strategy game with an interesting twist. For what it takes from traditional historical cultures, it also adds a healthy dose of humor to the experience. Just how much I’m not sure, but the pitch is certainly fun to read.

VictusVictus is a humorous look at strategy and MMO games, but whether it’s turn-based or real time is hard to tell. The graphics and what little gameplay I gleaned from the video show promise but it’s hard to tell just how well it plays on a platform that’s not really designed for gaming. That said, it looks an awful lot like a prettied-up version of Travian and the developers confirmed in the comments that it is indeed in the same vein. So, if you’re familiar with the one you should know what to expect from the other.

VictusThey’re asking for just a little over $15K to finish up what they’ve already started, so chances are good that they’ll meet the goal eventually as long as there’s a market for a crowdfunded browser-based strategy MMO. Victus does look good and could possibly be worth backing if you’re into this sort of thing. My only issue is that browser based games aren’t exactly a big thing on Kickstarter these days. Still, it sounds like a great concept and one worth watching.

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