I’m usually one to give a music or rhythm game a chance, as I do like good music. After all, I’m generally one to go in for a tier that includes a soundtrack. However, I also need to know what said game is about, how it plays, and basically what to expect from the final product. In the case of Virtual Idol, we get none of this. Frankly, I don’t even know what they plan on making beyond using something called “UTAU”, a program that I actually had to look up to know what it was.

Virtual IdolThe campaign for Virtual Idol has literally nothing to show. There are zero images, video, or audio tracks to give a feeling of what the game is about. The text just briefly mentioned UTAU and Vocaloid as if everyone should know what they are. Even after reading the Wikipedia page I still have little clue what it is or how it fits into the game being developed here.

The pitch video doesn’t talk about the game or what it is. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in the background, and after trying hard to get to understand everything, it left me with nothing but a headache.

Virtual IdolIf I sound overly negative it’s because I am. I honestly wanted to know more about Virtual Idol, whether I backed it or not. With so little outside of a demo that may or may not give a better idea of what to expect, I find myself with more questions than answers at this point. I have absolutely no idea of what I read. When it comes to pitches, more is better and in this case it’s quite a lot less than what one would expect in today’s environment.

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