Every so often here at Cliqist, we like to produce some Top 10 articles and videos. I’d make a joke about how we do it because they’re popular, but seeing as how I do that in every accompanying article I write for these videos, people might realize it’s not a joke think I’m serious.

Today’s video is all about the most unique Kickstarter games out there, heavily researched for minutes from the top of my head. You won’t be seeing any of your Broken Ages or Wasteland 2s here. This is more the kind of list where you’ll find Mainlining or Spintires. The Ouya even sneaks onto the video, probably the highest it’ll ever rank on any positive list. It’s all about games that are unique, ones that aren’t sequels or spiritual successors (though #1 on the list could technically be described as such, I suppose).

Over $8 million in crowd funding was raised in support of the Ouya.We’ve had a few relatively negative videos in a row, from me anyway, so I figured it was time for something a little more on the positive side. I don’t do that well, though, so you can bet there are a few jokes at the expense of other games, and the Ouya of course.

This is also a follow up to our Weaponization of Nostalgia video, to show you that Kickstarter can be used for original and ground-breaking games as much as it can be a nostalgia gold mine.

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Josh Griffiths is a writer and amateur historian. He has a passion for 3D platformers, narrative-driven games, and books. Josh is also Cliqist’s video producer. He’s currently working on his first novel, and will be doing so on and off for the next decade.

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