As a fan of the Myst series, when I saw The Eyes of Ara launch on Kickstarter I instantly knew that I had to back it. In addition to paying homage to the classic first person adventure game it also deals with some rather interesting rumors and mysteries around a man and his place of residence. And, as of the latest update we also know that the release date is going to be sometime in July. When exactly will be in a future update but at least we have a window.

The Eyes of AraWe also know that The Eyes of Ara has been in the beta phase of development for a couple weeks now. And, looking at the screenshots provided in the recent updates I kinda regret not putting a little extra to get a sneak peek at the game before the public at large does. It is a beautiful looking game and one I can’t wait to try out whenever it releases in July. Also, if you haven’t already submitted your in-game rewards you have until Friday to do so before the BackerKit gets locked down.


The people behind The Eyes of Ara have kept us backers in relatively constant contact in the year since the Kickstarter ran. Especially in recent months. I’m proud to be a backer and to see such a relatively quick turnaround, especially in relation to other adventure projects, I know it’ll be worth finally playing. I just wish I gave enough to gain access to the testing builds.

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