Back in early 2013 a Myst clone launched on Kickstarter simply called XING. At the time I knew little about it beyond a short tech demo but I was blown away by the quality at the time that it was enough to put a few bucks down to get a copy of the game once it released. And, now, a little over three years later we’re still waiting on the final game. We don’t even have a set date yet, but we do have a release window at least.

XINGAccording to the latest update for XING, we should be able to see it come out publicly sometime this Fall. That’s like 3 1/2 years since the Kickstarter ended but I’m a patient person and I’m still waiting on games that are even older than that. However, it is still a decent amount of time to wait. Especially with how long it’s been in development. At least we have a new gameplay video to keep us occupied until release. Or until E3 if you’re going. They’ll be showcasing at the Playstation booth.

I’ll be honest here and say that my patience is starting to wear a bit thin with XING, as it has with other outstanding titles, but at least White Lotus has been updating backers at a reasonable pace. Plus, the video showcases a huge improvement over the demo that I played way back in the day. So, I’m willing to wait a few more months for a fully polished game. I just hope that the date doesn’t get pushed back again.

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