Ever since I first played the survival horror adventure game Stasis I’ve been hooked on the Brotherhood Games initial outing. Then I heard about their DLC known only as CAYNE was in development as an extension of the universe housing the shadowy corporation and it’s macabre experiments. We’ve covered it before, but until now we never had a release date. As of the latest update they’re shooting for a fourth quarter release but no set date yet.

Stasis CayneThe update delves deeper than just giving us a tentative window of release and a short gameplay video (which you can see below) but they also discuss some of the background for their decision to feature a pregnant woman working her way around the derelict ship. In fact, it was just one of three ideas that were thrown back and forth by the Stasis writers. And so the story for Cayne has been fleshed out and most of the assets are already ready to be put into the game.

Stasis CayneEven if you don’t care about the backstory to Cayne, Stasis fans should also note one more important piece of information. The DLC will be free to everyone. Not just backers but apparently to the public at large. No need to purchase this new content. This is partially to get others into the universe, hopefully to check out the base game, and partially to show off what they can do in the future as there are plans for another game to be crowdfunded sometime in the future after Cayne releases to the public.

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