Creepy Castle developer, Dopterra made a brief announcement that they would be in attendance to present the game at E3 this year. Dopterra’s Zach Lazarus told backers to mark their calendars as he would be showing off some, “really cool and never-before-seen parts of the game.

This news comes after the big April announcement that Dopterra had partnered with publisher, Nicalis (Cave StoryBinding of Isaac: Rebirth, and 1001 Spikes) to bring Creepy Castle to audiences. This same update also claimed that Creepy Castle, “will absolutely, positively 100% be released this Summer.”


Creepy Castle was funded for $8,485 back in October of 2014 and had originally estimated delivery for March of 2015.

While a fixed release date has yet to be announced, fans are invited to tune into the Twitch E3 show on Wednesday, June 15th at 4:15PM Pacific time to get a look at some of the changes which have been added since Creepy Castle resurfaced last September.

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