ChillCrow is currently in the midst of developing a “dark mystic action adventure” game by the name of Kologeon, where you play as an “immortal soul” in a world overrun by various “demons and spirits.” From the two minutes of gameplay featured in Kologeon’s Kickstarter trailer, ChillCrow has already established that their game is unlike any other, boasting some frenetic, warp speed combat and mystical abilities to boot.


Kologeon aims to be progressive yet unrepetitive, centred around a procedurally-generated world, where “death is still a setback” but where you won’t have to “memorize levels and replay the same thing over again.” And about those mystical abilities; as an immortal soul you’ll be able to do cool things like “realm travel” and use “time disruption” and “memory echoes.” To expand on one, for example, the “time disruption” ability will enable you to slow down your perception of time, although this will damage your body (I’m presuming in health points and perhaps in other ways as well.) I’d like to see this particular gameplay mechanic featured in the trailer, even if it’s a matter of just pointing it out when it occurs, especially as the game seems rather chaotic at the moment (or maybe it’s just a matter of my untrained eye).


Some sort of demo would be very welcome as well, especially as Kologeon already seems quite polished judging from the deluge of screenshots posted in the ChillCrow site. It would definitely get the campaign rolling, which has only raised about $2,200 of the $35,000 it’s asking for so far.kologeon1

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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Felix Wong


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