Mages in RPG’s tend to be looked at as mere support roles. They are there to back up the beefy tanks and quick striking rogues. Even powerful spell-casters have to start at the bottom of the pecking order, until now.

Scraping Bottom Games has launched a Kickstarter for their new action RPG, Fictorum. Unlike most magic-centric games though, in Fictorum magic wields real power. The secret is customizable, dynamic spell-casting.


Fictorum’s spell-shaping system allows for constant reconfiguration. Players select a spell they like and then utilize runes to amplify different characteristics of it for devastating results. It makes casting feel like so much more than simple button mashing.

Rather than starting out as a hapless farm boy who stumbles into his powers, players take on the role of an already established wizarding badass, hellbent on revenge. Since our protagonist already has access to unlimited magical powers, the game is less about spamming the one spell that works until it can be upgraded, and more about tailoring your magical arsenal to destroy everything in your path.


When I say everything, I actually do mean all the things. Each randomly-generated world map features towns where every structure can be demolished. Never has a reign of terror felt as satisfying as being able to leave a literal pile of rubble in your wake.

Seeking $25,000 on Kickstarter, Fictorum already has a sparse, but playable Alpha build. Backers who pledge $30 or more will get Alpha access shortly after the campaign ends next month. The final game is planned for a June 2017 release as the devs iron out details and add more to the somewhat sparse gameworld.

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