Acro Storm is a master class in how not to create a crowdfunding campaign. The game reminds me of Jet Moto meets Wipeout or F-Zero and appears to have a ton of potential. However, I don’t believe this specific campaign will end up being funded despite the great gameplay in the trailer.


If there is anything that most video game players dislike it is information dumps. Just look at all of the lore that goes unnoticed in the Elder Scrolls series because they are hidden behind millions of words discovered in books throughout the game. Acro Storm’s campaign page does the same thing. The trailer does a great job of showing off the actual gameplay but Blue Comet Games decided to put thousands of words describing the nuances of the game and campaign underneath it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of good information in this wall of text that really makes me excited for the game but I doubt it will get read by very many people. All of this information should have been included in the trailer with the concept art, screenshots, and gameplay woven together to compliment the audio track. Just look at some of the most successful crowdfunded campaigns and you’ll see the same trend, a majority of the text is spoken in the trailer as well.


Acro Storm still has almost a month to go and I hope it actually gets funded as it looks like a return to the futuristic racers of the 2000’s. However I just don’t see it happening this time around. I wish the best of luck to Blue Comet Games and hope that they don’t get discouraged if Acro Storm doesn’t get funded this time around.


Bryan Rumsey

Bryan Rumsey

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Bryan Rumsey