Read Only Memories has been out for a while now (you can read our previous coverage if you want) but up until now it was an unfinished game. With the “director’s cut” we’re treated to not just some new content but also to finally being able to hear what our beloved characters sound like. That’s right, we’ve got a fully voiced game now. And Midboss managed to get a lot of big names in the industry, including quite a few that are known from Telltale games.

Read Only Memories

The update gives a full list of all the actors and who they’re voicing and after listening to them in the video provided (which you can watch below) I believe that it’s about time to return to Neo-SF just to get the full experience. Again. Because I love Read Only Memories and can’t get enough. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve known about the cast for a while.

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