I’m a sucker for the oddball game, and the weirder and more surreal it is the better. In the case of Four Last Things, this is most certainly the case as you’re not just playing a strange adventure game with some really wicked and dark humor but it’s also the medium that developer Joe Richardson is using to create his latest outing. For you see you’ll be playing inside old Renaissance era paintings. That’s right. He’s cutting up images and using it to tell his story. This is certainly a first from what I can tell and it looks like it works marvelously.

Four Last Things

While the unique art style and pedigree as a point-and-click adventure game caught my eye it’s the subject matter of Four Last Things that eventually made me back. You play as some dude that’s done some nasty sinning in his past and he’s on a quest to atone for his past deeds. Unfortunately, the church he ends up at can’t absolve him of his sins so he has to commit them all over again. Sounds like hours of fun.

Four Last Things

Here’s the kicker, though. Four Last Things was originally entered into this year’s Adventure Jam held by Stacy Davidson and Cassie Benter. I had entered this jam last year but unfortunately didn’t have the time to work on a game this year let alone play any of the entrants. Until now, at least. I’ll definitely be giving the “prototype” a spin when I can. And based on the pitch alone I’m quite sure I won’t be disappointed.

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