When it’s all said and done, Red Ash’s Kickstarter campaign might go down as one of the biggest failures in Kickstarter history. It’s not a genuine scam like some others, and it’s not even the worst put together crowdfunding campaign in the world. But it was run so poorly, and all the outside factors came together in such a way that it was doomed from the start.
redashtheanimation1Today is the one year anniversary of the Kickstarter going live. In honor of it, and America’s Birthday, we’re taking a look back at the campaign in the latest episode of Kicked.

You’ll see exactly what we mean when we say it might be the worst Kickstarter project ever. Comcept’s previous Kickstarter game, the equally infamous Mighty No. 9, was secretly delayed during its funding, there was nothing to show but some concept art, and a second Kickstarter went up at the same time for an anime.

So on this day of immense freedom, why not kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a disaster documentary?

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