Kickstarter and Steam aren’t exactly known for being “adult” friendly when it comes to allowing mature content on their platforms. Which means that every time I hear about an 18+ patch or even base game being offered I sit up and take notice. In the case of Sharin no Kuni this is the former. While there will certainly be an “all ages” version they’re also working on a patch with more mature content.


The best part about all of this is, according to the latest update, that everyone who backs Sharin no Kuni will be getting said patch for free. No need to up your pledge or anything. Just make sure you give enough to get a copy, either digital or physical, and you’re set. Even if you’re not a backer you’ll still be able to pick it up for around $13 after the game launches.

The update will be distributed via a third party site and not through Steam itself. I know that I’m excited to get the full package, as it were, but only if the project gets fully funded.

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