Something I always find endearing is when developers give nods to each other. Usually we see this via homages inside of a game but rarely do we see this outside of games. Howeve Greg Lobanov has done just this in his latest Kickstarter update for Wandersong. Before he gets into detailing the updates for his actual game he brings attention to another game on Kickstarter, Ikenfell. Apparently he is just as enthused about this charming game as we are here at Cliqist. Another interesting tidbit to come out of this update is the fact that the developer of Ikenfell, Chevy Ray, also helped Greg solve the collision logic for Wandersong.


This is the kind of personal friendships that we see so very little of the world of gaming and I really hope that changes soon. We always hear about developers who worked together on AAA titles but never about how they helped each other out. These relationships are always defined by the word “colleague” and never “friend.” We never get to see the human side of developers, they are always portrayed as robots who have only one function and that is to promote whatever game they are currently working on. We rarely see developers promoting their friend’s game or, even rarer, hearing about how they help each other with their individual projects.


Going back to the update, Wandersong is shaping up to be even better than promised. The new animations looks spectacular and the new font is a much more natural fit for the world. If Wandersong looks like an interesting game but you haven’t heard much about it then make sure to check out what we thought about Wandersong as well.

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