There aren’t enough words that could describe how stoked I am for Ikenfell. It has everything going for it and I honestly can’t find anything negative to say based on its kickstarter campaign. Imagine taking a strategy RPG, like Fire Emblem, and throwing it in the three row combat system of the Mega Man Battle Network series with the timed actions of Paper Mario.


Toss in a diverse cast of women and people of color navigating a world that has schools for witches and wizards with a story regarding two sisters and you have a game that should hit plenty of lighthearted beats whilst delivering an impactful story.


The artwork is pretty amazing too. Every character has an adorable pixel art portrait that expresses so much about their personality. Even the attack animations look great despite their small sprite size. However, the environments are a little underwhelming compared to the rest of the visuals. That isn’t to say they are hor rible, just that the rest of the art sets such a high standard that the environments stand out as less detailed. Also, if that trailer song sounds familiar then you’ll be happy to know it is by aivi & surasshu, the duo behind all of the music for Steven Universe.


It seems I’m not the only person excited for Ikenfall either. The campaign already has over 600 backers and has hit 85% funded despite it having only been active for 2 day! I’d be pretty surprised (and upset) if this didn’t get funded so expect to see Ikenfall on digital storefronts sometime in the future.

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