Welcome back to Cliqist’s Kickstarter Game of the Week, a special segment where we unlock the darkest secrets of underwater basket weaving. This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is the impending remake of System Shock, and while reboots can take many ghastly forms, this one seems pretty sweet.

systemshock3From the textures to the animations and enemy designs, everything about the new System Shock reboot, developed by Nightdive Studios, looks like a step in the right direction. Of course, a campaign this young can only tell us so much about the final product, but as you’ve probably heard, this Kickstarter has something substantial to offer each and every person that stops by – a free playable demo of the beginning of the game.

Say what you will about the quality of the demo, but if nothing else, it proves that the devs are willing to put in the work and expertise required to make System Shock’s reboot a worthy retelling of the original. It looks like the level design will remain largely intact and unchanged, with the “remaking” occurring everywhere else – in the visuals, sound design, and mechanics. The original System Shock has aged shockingly well, no pun intended, but it looks like this remaster is focusing on the aspects that have aged the most, and I had a great time with the demo.

systemshock2The campaign for System Shock is about to hit its $900,000 goal with nearly three weeks left on the clock, so if you’re interested in helping System Shock meet its most ambitious stretch goals, now is the time to check out the reward tiers, play the demo, and see what the devs have to offer.

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