This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Buck, a 2D post-apocalyptic dog simulator.

Buck is a 2D Metroidvania, full of deep and winding environments full of all kinds of details and things that are easy to miss. You’re going to have to collect power-ups and new weapons as you progress, and it’s not going to be easy either. What I like the most from Buck is the uniqueness of it. Post-apocalyptic games are a dime a dozen these days, and few try anything new. Buck is one of those few. Aside from the 2D Metroidvania aspect that we don’t see much from these games, it’s also all about cute little doggies!
Okay, maybe they’re not so cute. The end of organized society can do that to a pup.

This is the game’s second Kickstarter, the first coming about two years ago. The difference is like dog and puppy. The first attempt was ruff (I’m so sorry). The game lacked polish and the campaign itself wasn’t put together particularly well. The new version of the campaign really showcases how far the game has come. The gameplay is more refined, screenshots and video are aplenty, there’s a playable demo this time, and the game has clearly come a long way in development.

If you want to hear what else is great about Buck, and maybe a few negative things as well, give our video a watch. And if you don’t care, then why are you even still reading this?

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