buck2On one level, Buck is a game about a teeny tiny, adorable-ass dog that was the lifelong friend of the lead developer of Buck. This is a game about that dog. In Buck, however, a couple things are different about old Buck. What kind of differences? Well, for starters, he can talk. That’s standard fare in fantasy settings, so that’s not too much of a stretch. He’s also a little taller now that he walks upright, but aside from that, it’s the same old Buck. Oh, Buck’s also learned how to customize and craft guns and kick total ass in a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by cutthroats and kidnappers. Most of all, though, Buck can talk, so that’s cool.

In all seriousness, Wave Interactive Games is doing Buck justice with this one. In Buck, you’ll explore beautiful and expansive hand-drawn environments, meeting interesting characters with varied motives on a quest to save your girl, Jodie from an unknown kidnapper. You’re taught in the ways of metal, grease, and raw wit by your stepfather, a gravely old vulture named Grit, and you use the skills he’s passed down to you to craft your own customizable weapons and use them to great effect on a quest to save your girl. As an added bonus, beloved YouTuber Caddicarus will be lending his voice to Buck!

If you’d like to back Buck, want to grab some sweet rewards, or just want to hear Caddy’s voice come out of a cat, you can help Buck become a reality by donating to Kickstarter. There, you can find all kinds of info, including a more detailed story synopsis, gameplay footage, music, and more. You can also support Buck by voting on Steam Greenlight.


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