You might remember Buck. The ‘game about a real dog’ hit Kickstarter back in 2014, and managed to raise just $13,696 AUD of its $75,000 AUD goal. It had a lot going on, describing itself as a “2D Action-Adventure, nonlinear, Metroidvania style beat’em up with player driven dialogues and weapon customization”. Whether it was the lack of focus or the campaign itself that led to the project’s failure, I’m not quite sure, but I’m surprised it didn’t do all that well considering it was set to feature the voice of prominent YouTuber Caddicarus. James Caddick, also known as ‘Caddy’, has 475,567 channel subscribers as well as 49.9k Twitter followers. You’d think his involvement would’ve drawn more attention to the campaign, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t to be.

After a couple of years, the game is set to make its grand return to the Kickstarter stage, as announced through the project’s official website. There’s a little bit of information on the site, such as the fact the new campaign will be attempting to raise USD as opposed to the original campaign’s AUD. There’ll also be an update on everything that has happened over the past couple of years as well as a new gameplay trailer.


Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Buck’s second Kickstarter attempt in the coming days, and stay tuned to Cliqist for future coverage.

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