“Liars” is what Kickstarter backer Will O’Neill called the devs behind Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, the tactical diverse RPG “envisioned” by the renowned Yasumi Matsuno. In February 2014, the game raised a whopping $660,127 through their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, backed by roughly 15000 eager and excited backers. Nearly two and a half years later, those ten and a half thousand backers are not so eager and excited anymore; with many of them clamouring for a refund and voicing their anger and dismay through the game’s Kickstarter page.


Unsung story was scheduled for release in March 2015. It promised a “refreshing, immersive” new take on the genre, with the Kickstarter page featuring some amazing concept art and plenty of description on the many classes available in the game. It boasted the opportunity to set off as a War Mage, wielding swords and daggers; or as an Aerolest, invested in the study of mathematics and science while concealing your own set of dangerous ranged weapons.unsung3

So far, all that talk has turned out to be nothing more than fluff, but in their latest update developer Playdek plans to release the beta version of Unsung Story, uh, they’re not really sure exactly when. In their own words, they predict “an updated timeline estimate for the beta release… by August.” An updated beta release timeline by August? Color me skeptical. Disappointed. Frustrated. All of the above?  I think Alphonse put it best in the comments when he wrote, “Game of the year 2023.” It doesn’t get much better (worse) than that.

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