As someone who’s used Gamemaker Studio on and off and pulled too many hairs and all-nighters in the process, I can attest to the usefulness of a good tutorial. Gamemaker courses abound on the Internet, and I can tell you from personal experience that some are very much better than others.  It’s with those experiences in mind that I catch myself smiling, remembering that people like Benjamin exist in this world.

Benjamin, the head of the Gamemaker course

With their new Kickstarter campaign, Benjamin and his group, Heartbeast Studios, hope to fund the finishing touches on a new course teaching aspiring Gamemaker devs how to make a turn-based 2D RPG. And not just the typical little tutorial game mind you, but a full-fledged 2-4 hour experience, with lush animations and all the little features you could ever want.

The game looks beautiful

With years of experience under his belt, Benjamin’s as professional as they come in terms of teaching users about the engine, already having three very successful courses on different aspects of the program on Udemy, as well as a self-published book on scripting in Gamemaker, free courses on his YouTube channel, and even a free movement engine that anyone can use in their own games. As stated on his website, “I’m dedicated to turning my viewers into pro GameMaker Studio developers!

Again, just fantastic

With a very reasonable $10,000 campaign goal, proven Kickstarter experience, and the nice bonus of a $3 RPG in exchange for what promises to be a great Gamemaker learning experience, there are plenty of reasons to back this one, so definitely check it out.

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