Kickstarter has always been a boon for the adventure game genre, bringing back classics like the Broken Sword series and inspiring new titles like Thimbleweed Park. And in that same vein of new point-and-clicks, James Lightfoot hopes to bring one more to the table with his soon-to-launch Kickstarter for The Mystery of Woolley Mountain.

Lookin' good

Set on a remote island, you play as a series of different “audio scientists” who use a Crystal Submarine to travel through time to go through different islands, meeting new friends and foes, and solving intricate puzzles, all in search of an evil witch who kidnapped children and brought them to the mysterious Woolley Mountain. If that sentence already has you hooked, then just you wait, because this one has a lot more to offer.

got some of that underwater scenes too

The art style is fun and cartoonish in a way that stands out, reminiscent of the flash cartoons from the early YouTube days. Its sense of humor also seems entertaining and light, the developer promising the game to be for all ages. In typical point-and-click fashion, you interact with the objects in the world, observing them, taking them with you, and fusing them to create new objects that solve puzzles which wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. There’s also something about “Helmholtz Resonators,” but I’ll wait till the game gets here to figure that one out.

you tell'em

If everything here’s ticking all the right boxes for you, check out the game’s demo before the Kickstarter goes live July 20th. It’ll only takes you about five minutes to play but it gives a pretty good taste of what’s to come.



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