Thimbleweed Park is a classic style adventure game on Kickstarter from the creators of Maniac Mansion.

The point and click adventure genre spawned as a result of technical advancement in the mid 80s. Games such as Deja Vu created a new interface for “text adventures” but weren’t hugely accepted just yet. It was when Maniac Mansion launched that many stalwart text game players realized the potential of these “point and click” titles. With great humor, weird puzzles, and lovely pixel art it was a game that charted a new path for the entire genre. Co-creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick are back and taking to Kickstarter to fund Thimbleweed Park. It’s pitched as being a classic 80s adventure game experience – just, you know, created some 25 years later.

Thimbleweed Park is a classic style adventure game on Kickstarter from the creators of Maniac Mansion.Thimbleweed Park is a 2D point and click adventure game with that same old SCUMM interface you may know and love. This offers players a variety of verbs with which to click on before clicking on a screen item. By now, most adventures games have eschewed this sort of control scheme, which makes this just all the more nostalgic. The game itself stars five playable characters ranging from a clown to dead guy (who apparently isn’t so dead after all?).  So far, Thimbleweed Park definitely looks the part as far as as 80s adventure games are concerned.

Right now, the hope is to release their game for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Steam and GOG are both currently left unmentioned, but they’ll probably be added soon. The goal is quite high at $375,000 but longtime fans are already showing their support en masse. It shouldn’t take long to see Thimbleweed Park funded and hit a few stretch goals before the campaign ends.

Track the progress of the Thimbleweek Park Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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