If Portal taught me two things, they were to never trust free cake and that it’s entirely possible to form an emotional attachment to an inanimate cube. I didn’t think that that second life lesson would ever come up again until I saw Perso. A puzzle game by Australia based Crepe Studios, Perso is about looking for answers, and also cubes.perso1

The game’s premise is simple enough- solve puzzles and escape a strange world. Still, the minimalist visuals and the promise of a psychologically driven story have me intrigued. The story will mainly be revealed by collecting relics scattered through the world.

The only problem is that there isn’t a whole lot of information about the game yet aside from “there will be puzzles” and “there will be a story.” I don’t expect to know everything about a game from reading its Kickstarter page, but I’d like to know a few things. Are the cubes representative of us? A digital construct we control to escape a virtual reality? What do these relics look like? Are there multiple solutions to the puzzles? How are the cubes different from each other?perso

Right now, “minimalist” is a good way to describe both the game and the campaign. There’s enough there to interest me, but I’m not sure whether or not I would bother backing it. Then again, vagueness is probably the entire point. Perso is about halfway to its goal of $2,500 AUD (or $1,868 USD) with five days left for funding.

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