Recently, I wrote an article about Blackwake‘s latest Alpha. This Alpha includes a host of features like avatar customization. The game features epic real time battles where players must work cooperatively to fight enemy ships. Character customization is a big deal because it helps players to distinguish fellow crewmates and is just a fun element. In my article, I lament a little that the options are currently limited to male pirates. It seems that the developers must be among our readers. The developers tweeted in response to my article. Here’s the tweet:


So, gender selection will be available in the Alpha 4 update. It’s great that the developers are taking criticism so seriously, however, it is expected. Blackwake sets the bar high for Kickstarter conduct and backer-developer communication. These developers seem to have a lot of respect for their backers and often set examples for other indie developers.


I can’t wait to see the new range of player customizations in the next update. If you don’t have Alpha access like myself, don’t worry! Plenty of YouTube let’s players do. It won’t be long till we all get to see the new options in the coming update. Keep following Cliqist for more Blackwake updates as we get closer to its release later this year.

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