I barely knew about crowdfunding when Double Fine launched their Kickstarter for an adventure game in early 2012. Despite being a fan of Tim Schafer, I ended up missing out on it. After seeing the latest update for Broken Age, I find myself wishing that I took a closer look. Sure, the game had its flaws when it finally released, but it was still a good experience nonetheless.

Broken Age

With the update came the news that physical discs for Broken Age are finally in production. The boxes should be shipped to backers once ready. I’m a sucker for games that I can place on the shelf to show off, and the box mockup looks like it would have been an amazing addition to my collection. Unfortunately, having missed the Kickstarter I won’t be getting one.

Broken Age

In addition to the game itself, a copy of the documentary will be included. Being a “slacker backer”, I received access to the episodes and I’ve enjoyed every one that I watched. Having a behind the scenes look at the development process was a nice touch, even if some of the information was less than pleasant.

Broken Age

With Broken Age being out for 2 1/2 years since the first half was released, it’s about time that physical copies were pressed. With this, it looks like Double Fine is finally closing this chapter in their book. It’s been over four years since the Kickstarter, and a year since the final installment. It may have been broken, but it’s still worth playing for any adventure game fan.

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