Megatokyo is an iconic web comic that has spawned several graphic novels and  plenty of merchandise. In 2013, co-creator Fred Gallager launched a Kickstarter to transform Megatokyo into a visual novel. The other creator, Rodney Caston, left the project before the Kickstarter began.  By the time the campaign end-date rolled around it had earned 15 times its goal, raking in an impressive $299,184.

After three years, the game is still nowhere in sight. Looking at the Kickstarter page, it would appear the developers have run off with the money. There hasn’t been an update since September 2015.

megatokyo2But there is good news. Or bad news, if you were hoping for the flaming wreckage of another failed Kickstarter to gawk at. This is just a case of a developer posting their updates to their website instead of the Kickstarter. Gallager has been posting updates there since the start of the campaign.

It would have been nice if Gallager pointed that out somewhere on the Kickstarter page, or by posting an update saying he’d move the updates to his site. But he didn’t, so there’s likely been some confusion. That, or people have just forgotten about it.

megatokyoThere’s one commenter that posts links to the website updates in the comment section, but other than that, the Kickstarter page itself is dead. It’s nice to see dedication from someone willing to informing others about progress of the game, even when the developer doesn’t seem so interested.

Right now it’s impossible to say when Megatokyo will release, judging from the updates it looks like the release is still a long way off. At least progress is being made, which is more than what many MIA Kickstarter campaigns can claim.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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