Since we published our article on the absence MegaTokyo, there have been two new updates on the Kickstarter page. If you recall, we talked with developer Fred Gallagher, and he hadn’t gone missing in action so much as he just stopped posting updates directly on Kickstarter. Instead, he was using his own site.

It would seem Gallagher may have taken the article to heart. On September 7th, the day we posted the article, he published an update reminding backers that he was posting updates on his website. Since then, he posted an update in early and one in late October with links to new updates.

megatokyo_pingchanupdateBoth are substantial updates, so you should read them both in full if you’re interested. In summary, one is Ping-chan and the other Youmacon.


The Ping-chan update discusses a couple of emergency medical situations Gallagher faced the previous month, as well as the progress he’s made. Gallagher drew and implemented the Ping family during this time, and the rest of the update talks about drawing and coloring the scenes, as well as the team reminiscing over the last few years of drawing the comic.

The Youmacon update details Gallagher drawing a couple of more characters and not being happy with the consistency of his character’s height. It’s an interesting look into the specifics of drawing characters, as both updates include rough pencil sketches of the characters, and the Ping-chan update shows a more finished looking CG cutscene. This update closes with info about T-shirts Gallagher was designing for Youmacon, an anime convention held in Detroit.


Its good to not only see frequent updates, but to also have them at least linked on the Kickstarter page for easier access. However, the Kickstarter campaign was funded over three years ago now, and it’s two years past its expected release date. Many backers are still waiting on a release window, and these updates don’t seem to show a game close to completion.

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