Imagine a world made entirely out of wool, fabric, and cotton. It’s bright and colorful, yet full of danger and secrets. This is the kind of world that Woven, a new game on Kickstarter, hopes to share with you.

Woven is a puzzle adventure game that has players control Stuffy, a curious elephant-shaped stuffed animal that has always dreamed of exploring his world. Accompanying him is Glitch, a metal firefly suffering from amnesia. Together, they seek to unravel Glitch’s mysterious origin while facing the dangers of the world.


Many obstacles stand in Stuffy’s way, but luckily he has a unique ability. He can scan nearby animals and collect fabric to reknit himself based on their features. For example, he can give himself a pair of rabbit legs to jump over obstacles. Players can also change Stuffy’s color and appearance, giving them a large amount of customization. In fact, the game will have over 100 fabrics to choose from.

Aside from solving puzzles, Stuffy can explore atmospheric areas, each with their own ambience and obstacles. On top of that, the developers promise an amazing story narrated by actress Nola Klop.woven

Vincent da Silva, head honcho behind the team, has made several games and apps for kids. Using the experience he has gathered from these small projects, he is working on his first full-fledged game with a small team at Alterego Games and Digital Forest. It’s an ambitious project, but the game has a playable demo available now if you’d like to check it out. Woven has a ways to go, but the hope is that it’ll be released next year.

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