After almost a year of silence, the Destiny Fails Us Kickstarter page has finally received an update. The developers, now called Strawberry Dagger Studio, announced that they are splitting the game into three games, with the first set to release this year.

The team decided to split the game up when they realized how differently the three main “Acts” played. Tyler Cole, one of the designers, wrote that “this transition between Acts was just really jarring.” He goes on to note that the transition felt more natural as a transition between games.

Despite this, Destiny Fails Us is not an episodic game. “Each game will be its own experience and can be played in a standalone format,” developer Amelia Hanks wrote. She goes on to compare the games to the Mass Effect series, in that each game has their own contained story in the overall narrative.

destiny fails us

Cole assures us that the games will be quite long, citing the beta released last year as an example. In a single playthrough, he notes, players would spend about 5 to 20 hours in the game. The first game will be larger than this still.

Cole later posted a second update to clarify that backers will only receive the first game in the series. He promises backers that the game will be full-length, as originally promised. He also states that the full trilogy will take 40+ hours to complete. As of now, there are no plans to run Kickstarter campaigns for the sequels, but if they ever do, they’ll provide special rewards for long-time backers.

The team hopes to release the first game this November. To cap off their announcement, the team has released a new trailer:

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